I, for one, am always willing to travel for good ice cream. But if good ice cream is nearby, that's even better.

In order to make their ice cream more accessible to the masses, Spencer's Ice Cream, located in Bradley, has just opened a hub in Old Town, right across the street from the Splash Pad.

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To start, Spencer's says they will be open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 4-8PM.

The grand opening of the Old Town hub coincides with the kick-off of Old Town's "Concert In The Park Series" which starts tonight at 6:30. This evening's free concert will feature the Half Moon Jug Band.

To have the option for good, local ice cream right across the street from the park and the Splash Pad seems like a really smart business plan. And according to Staci Kothman from Spencer's, the City of Old Town was the driving force behind the idea.

Kothman says the city reached out to Spencer's and a handful of other local businesses, early this spring, with the idea to create some pop-up incubator "hub" sites across from Riverfront Park. So far there are a couple of other businesses in the works to open similar hubs.

Kothman says to start, Spencer's will be offering their homemade ice cream in cones and dishes. They hope to expand their menu in the coming weeks.

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