This Sunday Daylight Saving Time Springs us ahead once again.And if you can believe The Journal of Applied Psychology we should set our clocks ahead and our expectations low for Monday.  They have a study that shows the Monday after the “Spring forward” time change is pretty tough on most workers.

The average person loses 40-minutes of sleep the first night of daylight saving time. At work the next day, which will be Monday, drowsy employees tend to do more Internet surfing than anything else.

Experts advise if you can go to bed a little earlier on Sunday night in hopes you’ll be sharper on Monday morning.

Something new to consider this year is that there is a bill on the table that looks to make the change permanent.  It looks to sync us up with Atlantic time which is an hour ahead, like we are about to jump to.  However when the rest of the country falls back we'd keep time with Canada. Click here to read the bill.

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