Cold cases must be incredibly frustrating for everyone involved.

Maine had had our fair share over the years. Probably the most famous in recent memory is the case of Ayla Reynolds. A tragic story of a little girl murdered here in Maine, and no one can prove who did it. Sadly, there are many cases like that here in Maine. A lot of folks think that they just go away, and nothing is ever done again.

Really, that's just not the case. The Maine State Police are always looking for new leads and new evidence in its cold cases. And in the interest of casting a wide net, they recently recommended a popular Maine podcast on their Facebook page that you could listen to if you're into learning more about the subject.

The 'Dark Downeast' podcast has highlighted many Maine cold cases.

The entire Dark Downeast podcast is dedicated to shining light on Maine's unsolved murders. It features various cases still open, and it also gets into what goes into working on a cold case with folks from the State Police. It's presented extremely well, and there's a wealth of information just at the site itself.

The reason the Maine State Police have taken such an interest and are actively helping to promote the podcast is simply to bring more eyes and ears to Maine's cold cases in hopes that someone may have some information about these tragedies with no end game in sight.

There's so much awesome information at the Dark Downeast website, you could stay there for quite a long time just reading about some of the things they've done episodes on. They've even brought folks in from the Maine State Police to be guests and discuss what they do for these cases. Trust me... it's worth it for every reason you can think of.


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