Lately, it seems no one can just leave well enough alone. You can't go on social media without hearing about something being ruined, broken, defaced, or stolen. Whether it's political signs, garages being sawed in half, there's plenty for people to get riled up about. But then occasionally, some things get stolen that just don't make sense.

Someone in Blue Hill recently, must've been morally offended at one of those speed limit/warning signs. State Police say someone stole the one on Main Street in town. According to a Facebook post from them, it's a pretty big deal. Those suckers aren't cheap, so someone could be facing a fairly steep penalty.

I see one just like it on my drive into work every morning, just as I come off the Veteran's Remembrance Bridge in Brewer. I usually just chuckle at it as I drive by because often it's blinking at me so hard, I'm surprised the lights don't burn out. I'm not saying I speed all the way through, I just may cruise into that zone a bit hot.... Hahaha.

Likely, one of two scenarios caused this.... teenagers who think this sort of thing is hilarious and cool, or some mega-hot headed adult who believes their road rage towards a blinky sign is somehow justified. They were probably screaming something about their 'rights' the whole time. *Sigh*

The thing my mind keeps coming back to, is how someone got that off the pole without being noticed. It's not going to just pop right off. This required planning and tools, and even a smidge of patience. I really do hope that someone has this thing up on their wall in their living room. But, it'd be better to just do the right thing, and just give it back.

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