This might be the coolest dog in the entire state of Maine!

We are right in the thick of fall, and of course, that means it is prime-time leaf season, and who doesn't love jumping into a big pile of leaves after you rake them? Some like it more than others, and I am referring to our furry, four-legged friends.

Stella is an English yellow lab that lives with her family in Freeport, Maine. Stella is so famous, she has her own YouTube channel, with over 58,000 subscribers, a Facebook page, an Instagram account, and of course, she is on TikTok too.

Stella loves being outside, especially when there are leaves on the ground. Whenever her owner opens the hatch of her vehicle, Stella shoots out of it like cannon and jumps headfirst into a GIANT pile of leaves. This is so fun to witness, that you may find yourself watching it over and over again.

Stella's first leaf pile jump of 2021, was uploaded just a few days ago, and she has lost none of her enthusiasm for it. In another video, her owner kicks things off by diving into a pile first, which as you can imagine, makes Stella rather excited.

If you just can't get enough of Stella The Dog, you can follow her on Instagram.

Here are some of her greatest Maine leaf pile jumping hits over the last few years

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