The Whopper is back in town!  Well, almost.

Ever since news broke that Burger King would be opening its doors once again in Ellsworth, fans of the fast-food giant have been dancing in the middle of High Street anxiously awaiting the return of such favorites as the Triple Whopper with cheese and the Ch'Khing Deluxe.

Back in December of last year management at the Ellsworth Burger King announced the closure to the employees on a Saturday, and by that Monday the cooking grease in the fry vat had hardened.

The King had suddenly died within the crossroads of Downeast Maine and people were shocked at his sudden departure.  To make matters even more painful signs advertising deals such as a free 3 piece French toast with any purchase still hung in the front windows, but it wasn't meant to be.

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But now fans of chicken fries are rejoicing with the news that their favorite burger joint will reopen in the spring of 2022 after $800,000 worth of renovations are completed. The place will be almost brand new and you can be guaranteed that the drive-thru line will stretch completely around the building on opening day. Even the seagulls will be smiling as they await a near miss by the trash bin.

But did you know that Burger King in Ellsworth didn't originally start out at its current location at 205 High Street?  Nope.  It didn't.

Burger King began operating in Ellsworth back in the late '70s, and when it did it started out where Wendy's is located now, at 187 High Street within the Ellsworth Shopping Center, by Shaw's and Reny's.

Wendy's in the parking lot of the Ellsworth Shopping Center.
Wendy's in the parking lot of the Ellsworth Shopping Center.

We can't tell you the official reasoning as to why The King decided at one point to cross Foster Street and set up the fryers approximately one-tenth of a mile south down High Street, but we can tell you that we're excited about his return engagement, and deals like 6 pieces of spicy chicken nuggets for only 99¢.

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