Normally we need to wait years to see a new movie in theaters inspired by a Stephen King novel, but it seems like that will not be the case here. According to Syfy, during the COVID-19 pandemic, King wrote his newest novel Fairy Tale. Readers were finally able to get their hands on a copy of this 600-page coming-of-age novel last month (September 6, 2022) but moviegoers will not have to wait that long to see this novel on the big screen.

That's right, King's newest novel has only been out for a month and it is already being claimed to become a movie. According to Syfy, Universal Pictures has reportedly won a bidding battle to make Stephen King's novel Fairy Tale into a movie.

It has been reported by Dateline, that Universal will adapt the novel into a feature film with director Paul Greengrass (who has also directed the Bourne franchise).

Fairy Tale follows Charlie Reade, a 17-year-old protagonist, through the doors of a backyard shed which leads Charlie to a wondrous, but decaying new world. Charlie did not have the easiest childhood, his mother passed away during a hit-and-run accident and his father turned into an alcoholic. It is after Charlie goes to work for Howard Bowditch in Bowditch's mansion, that he stumbles upon a concealed portal that ultimately takes him on an adventure.

According to Syfy, Greengrass will reportedly produce this upcoming film adaption with Greg Goodman (who has worked on "Fantastic Four," "X-Men: First Class," and "Jason Bourne").

Unfortunately, there is no word yet on casting or a premiere date.

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