Baby goats. Everywhere.

Sunflower Farm earned internet fame with their Running of the Goats video on YouTube. Head goat herder and farm owner Hope is still raising adorable baby goats on her farm in Cumberland. She welcomes people of all ages to snuggle her goats as they get ready to go to their adoptive homes.

Facebook via Sunflower Farm

Public goat snuggling is over for the season but you still have a chance to get your goat snuggle fix.

Sunflower Farm is offering a private goat snuggling party for raffle right now. You and up to five friends will get to visit the farm one night before June 3rd and have the experience of 45 goat kids all to yourself! Make it a couples event with beer and wine or a special bonding experience with your kids.

Facebook via Sunflower Farm

Proceeds from the raffle tickets will support keeping the goat livestream camera running all year long. $10 gets you one chance, $15 gets you two, and the prices get cheaper from there.

All of the raffle details are available on the Sunflower Farm website. Good luck and happy snuggling!