It's gonna be a big one!  Frankie  MacDonald, our favorite Canadian meteorologist, predicts 6 to 12 inches for Bangor this Sunday, so we better order up Chinese food now!

Expect "really dangerous driving conditions" this Sunday, according to Frankie, so it may be wise to have the Chinese food delivered this time, and then sit back and watch Tom Brady throw the football.

Falling under the "Do it right now" category include:

Shopping for groceries. Including picking up "cases of Coke, and cases of Pepsi."

Order pizzas and or course Chinese food.

Have your winter boots and jackets ready.  Hats and gloves too.

Probably the most pertinent advice that Frankie gives you in this video is to "take it slow" when driving.  Wise words from our friend to the north...or is it east.




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