For a few moments last night the Evil Empire paid homage to Beantown at Yankee Stadium with the playing of "Sweet Caroline".  The hatchet was buried, and sincerity abounded.

Everybody in New York fully realize what Bostonians and the rest of New England are dealing with now.  If you remember, directly following the attacks of 911, "New York, New York" was played over the loud speakers at Fenway Park.

"We stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends in Boston, as all Americans do,"  said New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg  Bloomberg said he phoned his counterpart, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino on Monday to  offer him any help New York could provide.

"Sweet Carloline", which is sung  by Neil Diamond has been a Fenway Park staple since the 2004 Red Sox championship year.  It was played at a variety of ball parks across the nation last night as the country stands strong with Boston.