Hey-Cori here, and like so many folks across the nation, I've found myself in the situation of needing to work and school my kids from home.

Let me start by saying how grateful I am to have a space to do this in, an employer who was quick to make the call on that, and local educators who have been supporting my children in their distance-learning journey. I am also very thankful to have some homeschooling background upon which to draw.

When the decision came down for the kids to stay home and for me to do my shows from home, I knew the first thing I'd have to do to make this all work is to set up spaces for them and a space for me. So that's what I did. Desks were assembled and put into our living room to create a makeshift classroom setting. And I took over and old nursery/kids' library to create a little studio--with padded walls and all!

Here's an inside look into the operational headquarters for my part of the Wicked Awesome Morning Show, also known as "The Honeycomb Hideout Home Studio!"


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