A couple of days ahead of the Easter holiday, Target has recalled some of their toys due to some very serious concerns.

More than half a million Easter toys have been recalled by Target over fear that if these water absorbing toys are ingested, they could block a child's stomach and would have to be surgically removed.

NBC News said the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) has issued a FAST TRACK RECALL for:

Hatch and Grow Easter Eggs including Dino Eggs, Bunnies, Chicks and Butterflies.

Credit CPSC website
Credit CPSC website


Consumers who purchased one of the items should immediately return it to any Target store for a full refund, call Target's customer service number at 800-910-6874.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the toys can expand in a child’s body after being swallowed, causing intestinal obstructions that could be life-threatening.

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