We love Stephen King. He is part of our lives and we're proud he's a Mainer. Take a look at 'The Best Stephen King Tattoos' of Stephen King....And coming soon, 'The Best Stephen KIng Tattoos' based on his stories.

Stephen King is the greatest. Within a three year period, he wrote 'Salem's Lot' in '75, 'The Shining,' 1977 and 'The Stand' in '78.

King creates a world of horror - and a lot of it happens right in our backyard. Stephen sold 'Carrie' for a $2,500 advance and earned $400,000 in paperback rights. He was able to focus on just writing after that.

We love his cameos in his movies. As far as TV and film adaptations, he likes 'Stand By Me,' 'The Mist' and 'Shawshank Redemption' the best.

Here's a different tattoo with a different look from King's cameo in 'Creep Show'

King writes up to 2000 words a day. That's about eight pages.

When King was four-years-old, he witnessed a friend get killed by train - he says he blocked the memory out.

Tabitha and Stephen married in 1971. They have three children, Naomi, Joe & Owen.

King taught creative writing at the University of Maine in 1977.

King drank heavily in the 80's and says he can't remembering writing 'Cujo.' He says he drank a case of beer every night.

In 1999, Stephen had the biggest scare of his life when a vehicle hit him on the side of the road. He almost retired and had a long road to recovery from multiple injuries.

King wrote as Richard Bachman to prove it was the writing that made his books so good.

The King of Maine has written over 54 novels, 11 collections of short stories, 5 non-fiction books and more - many have been adapted for film and TV.

It's a close estimate that Stephen King is worth $400 million.

King's mansion in Bangor is a constant tourist attraction and, occasionally, people have gotten on the property.

Coming soon... 'The Top Stephen King Tattoos' inspired by stories and characters. Here's an example:

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