Tattoos are artwork you wear on your body for life, so you want the work to be special and expertly done. One of Maine's tattoo shops is insanely skilled in creating lifelike artwork on people's skin. Whether you want a photo of your grandfather immortalized on your forearm or a true to life image of the GOAT (I heard that's Tom Brady's nickname), Fianna Studio can hook you up with the body art of your dreams.

Are you a massive fan of Stranger Things and can't wait for season two to appear on Netflix? Fianna Studio gave this massive Stranger Things fan a super lifelike tattoo of Eleven and the Demogorgon.

This tattoo is the GOAT. Am I using that terminology correctly? Either way, Tattoo Tom has the perfect amount of scruff and that perfectly pensive look.

The detail in this man's face must've taken careful artistry to complete.

Apparently calfs are the go-to place for lifelike portrait tattoos. Fianna Studio nails it every time.

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