Have you ever been to the International Cryptozoology Museum?

Back in my Southern Maine days, the International Cryptozoology Museum was a tiny little spot right on Congress Street in the middle of Portland. It's gained quite a bit of fame across the globe as one of the only spots of its kind. In more recent years, they've expanded quite a bit and are now in a quite large spot on Thompson's Point in Portland.

But in the last couple of years, we've been hearing how the museum would slowly be relocating to new digs up here in the Bangor area. It's already happened on a small scale with the recent opening of the Intl. Cryptozoology bookstore that's currently located at 585 Hammond Street, here in Bangor. Ironically, a block or two from Stephen King's house.

Have you noticed the sign at their future home on Broadway?

Just recently, a new sign popped up on Broadway indicating the Museum's new location was set. We told you last fall that it would be located on the corner of Broadway and Earle Avenue... 490 Broadway to be exact. However, there is a large scale construction project that's supposed to be taking place near there, so this spot likely won't open until that's completed.

Photo: Jeff Tuttle TSM
Photo: Jeff Tuttle TSM

But... maybe that's changing? After all, there is officially a sign out front. Even if it takes a bit longer to come online, it would seem they're ready to claim their spot. The address has been vacant for a few years. Previously it housed a redemption center and a taxi company.

Photo: Cori Skall
Photo: Cori Skall

Until they pop on Broadway, you can still visit the full museum in Portland 7 days a week. Up here, there smaller bookstore/museum is open on the weekends. Admission is $2, and you'll be amazed at how much stuff they have crammed into that space. But before long, we'll all be able to head over to Broadway and check out the full spectacle.

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