So what are they?  Apple?  Pumpkin?  Cranberry sauce? Garlic mashed potatoes?  Hey, does it really matter, we'll eat it all!

The folks at Google assembled a bunch of data from the past three Novembers and came up with what recipes for both Thanksgiving pies and side-dishes, that people searched for, state by state.  The findings were then posted at

Here in Maine, the most Googled pie recipe was for "chocolate cream pie."  Yeah, we'll eat that for desert this Thanksgiving, and you can throw a slice of pumpkin pie onto the plate just for good measure as well.

When it comes to side-dishes, Mainers searched for "mashed squash" the most.  Sure, go ahead and scoop a big healthy serving of that onto our plate right next to the mashed potatoes!  We'll take it!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!





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