Facebook is literally covered with photos of deer!

We know that you love taking photos of Maine wildlife!  Face it, it's hard to resist grabbing that phone as fast as you can to take a few shots of a meandering bear, a curious raccoon, or a small herd of deer grazing under the apple tree in your backyard at dusk.

Now is your opportunity to help out the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife as they try a new and different approach to collecting data on Maine's doe deer population.

The new program is called "Maine Deer Spy", and all it involves is you taking a photo or two of any deer that you may come across in your travels between July 10th and September 10th.

Your participation will help the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife in determining the amount of "Any Deer Permits" to issue during Maine's deer hunting season, which overall helps to regulate and keep the state's deer population at a healthy level.

So, when you're out for your daily walk or weekend hike, have that camera or phone readily available to snap a few shots of one of Maine's most photographed animals.  Wildlife officials will want to know the day and time of the photograph, the Wildlife Management District that you observed them in, and the number of does, bucks and fawns seen together and apart.

You can either mail your stuff in or upload it online. It's pretty easy and all explained for you HERE.

Wildlife officials will review this year's process following the end of it to figure out if there will be another Maine Deer Spy session and how they can improve it next time around.

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