I'm a pretty big fan of Dr. Nirav Shah's fan page on Facebook. In fact, when it was first started, it was a breath of fresh internet air because most people were just there looking for info, and asking questions. Naturally as time went on, it became a bit more intense as people's feelings about the virus became more divided.

From my personal perspective, I don't give a rat's behind about politics, and will continue to do things that make me and others feel safe. But if someone wants to do the opposite, I'm no one's babysitter or moral compass, so you go ahead an be you. But on the other hand, there should be resources for people to make their own judgement call.

The page is called Maine: No Mask, No Service. It's a place where people can share info about different locations that are being very diligent about mask wearing. Gov. Mills, much to the dismay of many around the state, recently made masks mandatory, and gave business the right to refuse entry to anyone not wearing one.

A lot of folks have been using Dr. Shah's fan page as a place to talk about places that are either right on top of the masking game, or also spots that may be a little on the loosey-goosey side. It makes sense that this subject finally got it's own page, and maybe some of the heated conversations that happen on Dr. Shah's page can chill out.

Again, I'm not here to place any judgement in either direction. I do my thing, and expect you'll do yours. But one thing we can all agree on, believe it or not, is that we all want the virus gone as quickly as possible. So hopefully, we all do our part to try and stop the spread. Besides, I want to eat indoors again again someday. Not today, but someday.

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