JStew: This is a tough one for me, to be honest. I'm not remotely a picky eater. Sometimes I like foods prepared one way, and not others. For instance, I hate raw peppers, but love them cooked. But most 'fake' foods I'm not down with. Fake chicken nuggets or burgers, and the like. I have nothing but respect for the people who like those things, but not for me, thanks. Oh, and sea urchin. I had that once, and it tasted like a mud flat. Screw that!

Cori: I'm usually not a picky eater. I like Spinach and Brussels Sprouts. The only thing that usually grosses me out is under-cooked meat (like chicken or fish). But while I was in college in South Carolina, I did discover that Okra and I are not friends. It's both hairy & slimy--two things vegetables should never be, in my humble opinion. And I'm not talking like Peach fuzz, hairy, or Kiwiw hairy because I love Peaches and Kiwi. Okra is a disturbingly hairy situation which belongs in no one's mouth.

So after discovering this new bacon grown in a lab was a thing, we asked if you guys would try it, or, what's the grossest thing you'd ever eaten. You were not shy in your responses!

Lynn Fuller Eggs and hot dogs all mixed with tortellini....ex boyfriend’s idea of a meal. I nearly puked
Marianne W. Mills Liver
Justin Choiniere Vegemite. Gross, don’t do it, stay in school. Teachers aid brought it to us as an intern, as she was from Australia... 18 of us in my third grade class all but puked on the floor.
Wendy Clewley Lets just say I'm not good at making Chinese food like say sesame chicken,I tried it once & was a really bad fail lol. So its only takeout when I'm cravin that.
Greg Miller Farmers figured out how to grow bacon a long long time ago
Tim Bouchard Growing bacon is easy! Get a piglet, FEED IT! It will grow up to become LOTS of bacon.
Bob Hatch I've grown bacon before. It was on a pig.
David Baker Tripe...I thought it was cheese
Roxane Esposito Liverwurst
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