And here is something you may not know about me but I am one of the six. Here is my story, I was visiting a friend in England and sleeping in her living room on an air mattress.  It was about 3 AM and I was in that place in your head half between awake and asleep.  At that point I opened my eyes and looked up at the doorway and was shocked to see a woman standing there.  We were both quite surprised and jumped a little and then she was gone.  I saw her so clearly that I can tell you she was a contemporary dressed woman with short hair that I hadn’t seen before.  That is until I saw a picture of my friend’s mother that had passed away a few years earlier. My friend had been going through some real big challenges in her life and it is my belief from that experience that her mom had been there with her all along.  The thing that struck me the most though was how shocked her mom had been that is could see her.

I don’t really share that story a lot but I guess I am far from alone in this experience since a new survey by Groupon of 2000 people showed that many folk believe that they have seen a ghost in their life. Of those 2000 people in fact 6 in 10 said yes they had and 4 in 10 said they think their pets had too.

Only thing I found a little sad, and this probably makes me odd, is that most people admitted that they screamed and ran away and men were twice as likely to do this as women.  I think that is sad because in my mind they are just people looking to be acknowledged just like the rest of us.  And let’s face it, given the mortality prospects of all of us we’ll all be there someday so show a little respect.

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