The #adorbs factor is off the charts here!

Sometimes you just mindlessly scroll through your newsfeed on Facebook every day, and you don’t really think much about it. Either someone is ranting about something political, or someone is showing you a picture of what they made for dinner, and it’s all kind of boring. It is usually the same thing day after day, so when you land on a video that makes you smile, you just want to share it with everyone to maybe, just maybe, cheer them up for the day. Life is hard enough, so if you can find a little bit of joy every now and then, it makes the daily grind easier.

I came across a video yesterday from Bangor Pet Resort & Spa, which is a supervised free-range doggy daycare for your pooch. The reason why this clip is so great is that there are about 25 dogs all frolicking and playing, happy and wagging their tails. It is like Happy Hour for dogs. Just watching these four-legged furry friends that we all love, just wandering around and having a good time really made my day. I literally wanted to drive over there immediately and play with all the dogs!

Thanks to Bangor Pet Resort & Spa for posting this fun video.

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