The restless spirit of one of Maine's most gruesome murders has been seen walking the shoreline of this lake, where perhaps her body is still beneath its waters.

The town of Bucksport is the setting for plenty of strange stories. There's the grave of Colonel Jonathan Buck, and its mysterious boot-looking stain. Of course across the bay is notoriously haunted Fort Knox. The small town is also the setting of a violent murder back in 1898. The killer was never brought to justice.

Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media
Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media

The mysterious murder of Sarah Ware is a truly bizarre case, still partially unsolved over 100 years later. Author Emeric Spooner has researched the mystery for years. His book, In Search of Sarah Ware: Reinvestigating Murder and Conspiracy in a Maine Village, goes into great detail about the brutal murder. It's worth a read to grasp the whole spooky story. NewsCenter Maine interviewed Spooner in 2016. Their story is very comprehensive and features photos involved with the case. You can watch the interview here.

Ware was a resident of Bucksport and worked as a house cleaner. On the night of Sept. 17 1898, she disappeared. Two weeks later her decomposing, decapitated, body was discovered not far from her home off Miles Lane. Her face was badly disfigured after being smashed-in with a blunt object.

The investigation lead authorities to William Treworgy. It was suspected that he may have been Ware's last stop the night of her disappearance, as she collected her earnings. Treworgy would be arrested by police after a bloody hammer was discovered with his initials engraved in the handle. Witnesses also said he paid them to move Sarah's body. However, four years later Treworgy would be acquitted after the hammer went missing and witnesses recanted their statements.

Silver Lake in Bucksport was expanded in the early 1900's. The bodies in Silver Lake Cemetery were dug up to make way for the swelling waters. It's believed by some Ware's headless body is submerged in the lake, as her body was buried in an unmarked grave. Her head was kept as evidence at Ellsworth courthouse until 1998, when it was entombed with a headstone in Oak Hill Cemetery in Bucksport.

Urban legend suggests her spirit is seen wandering the shoreline of Silver Lake.

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