'Life's a piece of cake fishin' on a frozen lake!'

TIP 'EM UP! If this tune isn't in your fishing playlist, let's change that. There's many reasons why we love The Mallett Brothers Band, this is one of them.

Released on their 2015 Lights Along the River album, 'Tip Up' speaks to an ice angler's soul. You can download the song or album on iTunes.

The next project due out from The Mallett Brothers Band is an album titled 'The Falling of the Pine: Songs from the Maine Woods.'

What they did was put their musical spin on songs that where written in the Maine lumber camps and fishing towns in the 1800's.

They found the lyrics in a 1920's book titled 'The Minstrelsy Of Maine' by Fannie Hardy Eckstorm of Brewer Maine.

One of the songs on the album was allegedly written by a young man waiting to die after he had been crushed by a load of logs.

That album is due on in February. You can pre-order it on iTunes now.

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