This is a warning to all the criminals and hoodlums in Downeast Maine. There's a new officer in town, and she's ready to take a bite out of crime. She's also extremely cute, too.

It's Taggart the Dog, everyone. What a perfect name for a police dog. I am going to assume she got her name for the iconic character Detective Sargent John Taggart from the Beverly Hills Cop movies. I must say, Tag the Dog already has the movie character beat in the cuteness department.

Taggart, or more commonly known as "Tag," will be joining the Ellsworth Police Department. She has already been training for months with Corporal Angelo, who also gets to call Tag a member of his family. The two are nearly done with all the certifications needed for Tag to become a full member of Maine's finest.

It's so great to see Tag and Corporal Angelo so close to being fully certified. It's also wonderful to see the community support that helped lead to the fox red American Labrador Retriever becoming a police dog. According to the Ellsworth Police Department's post, the department received financial support from AKC Reunite, a company that helps register pets with microchips. Ellsworth PD also is receiving support from local pet store, Maine Pet and Aquarium. They will be supplying Tag with all her food. Talk about a community partnership that warms the heart.

Here's wishing Tag a wonderful career in the field helping to protect the good people of Ellsworth. I'm sure she and Corporal Angelo are going to be quite popular in that neck of the woods.

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