We knew this week's clue would go one of two ways: either everyone would get it or no one would get it. What we didn't factor in was that everyone would get it and answer in GIFs and pictures! That was entertaining!

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JStew: Sometimes with these things, it's not always just about stumping people. Sometimes we just want to have a little fun because it entertains us and others. That was the case with this week's WTW. Sure, it was obvious from the get-go what we were looking at. But I bet everyone's reaction was the same as it would be if you saw any cute object. If it wasn't, you're living your life wrong, hahaha. sometimes fun cuteness wins the day, and that day is today!

Cori: It was the middle of the afternoon and I headed to the couch to sit and get some work done on my laptop. Living in a house full of kids, there's always a rogue toy or stuffed animal underfoot, or in this case, under butt. I went to find a spot near the coffee table, so I could put down my mug, and as I descended onto the blanket covering the cushion, I quickly realized that my rear wasn't hitting soft cushion but instead a hard, pointy round thing! When I pulled back the cover, I was met with a black-eye stare from my daughter Grace's Christmas present. And then it hit me...that is exactly the clue I would use in this week's challenge. So I set the toy aside and started to write. I only noticed after I turned to snap a picture of the entire doll for the reveal that it was staring at me with a cute yet creepy look the entire time.

There were only a few that didn't get what it was this week. Their effort was good, even if they were off the mark:

Janie Shute Gecko ..on insurance advertisement
Terri-Ann Clukey-Cushing Gecko
Sherry Brosmer Carrier The gico geko
Furrøw Wøød Hidden camera eye from the outhouse .

This one from Paul was close!

Paul Keezer An alien looking through the peep hole of the I95 DJ Booth...
Everyone else had it...however you wanted to refer to it...
Cori Skall
Cori Skall
Joshua O'Keefe Grogu’s right eye
Jamie Stebbins Baby Yoda eye.
Dusty Jae Berg Grogu!
No photo description available.
Mark Bulley Grogu's eye
Jennifer Taylor Baby Yoda's eye or the Geico lizard's eye.
James Naaykens Jr Baby Yoda
Greg Miller I have not watched one single episode of the mandalorian but from all the memes and such on fb I'm going with Grogu
Kim Damboise Baby Yoda eye
Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick Baby yoda
Sheena Turner It's either baby Yoda or a alien
Kelly Gardner Grogu's eye!
Robert Kaye This is the way
There were plenty more of you who got it right...but you get the picture! So well done this week. Well done.

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