It was back in the summer of 2020, that the iconic Nicky's Cruisin Diner building was demolished. If you spend any time in Bangor before that point, chances are you at the very least passed by the building, if you didn't go in and enjoy a good old-fashioned Diner meal.

While the lot still sits cleared and vacant, many of us remember the days of Wednesday Night Cruise-ins, lunch room trays, and thick milkshakes.

Here's how it all went down.


The Union Street building, that for decades used to be home to Nicky's Cruisin Diner in Bangor, has come down. All this week, large excavators and trucks have been coming in and out of the old Nicky's parking lot, as demolition crews have been working to level the old structure and haul out the debris.


The iconic Nicky's sign was the first to be removed a couple of weeks back. And then a big, black chain-link fence went up, as the contents of the building were removed.

After everything was out, the big machines were brought in and went to work.


As someone who has lived in the area for many years, to see the wide open space left in its void, is so strange.

When news of the building's destruction hit the internet earlier in the week, there was wild speculation as to what would go in that spot next.

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Some folks said they had heard that a Dollar General would be taking its place. Some suggested it would be a great location for another restaurant, perhaps a national chain. Others mentioned a corporate office or parking spaces for spillover from the nearby Healthcare Mall.

According to the City of Bangor, the property is owned by Benjamin Grant, and as of Wednesday, there hadn't been any paperwork submitted to the City that would indicate any specific building plans, once the lot has been cleared.


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