J Stew: When I initially started thinking about this, I almost felt overwhelmed. I was kind of a pain in the butt when I was a kid, and was constantly in trouble. Funny thing was, I wasn't a bad kid. I just never knew when to keep my mouth shut or my head down. And maybe I was a little too eager to stand up for myself sometimes.

Some of my highlights that I got caught for... Setting my grade school principal's back woods on fire, passing out Skoal to kids on the bus in 4th grade, quitting the last month of 6th grade, sneaking out of the house, etc. All I can say is I'm surprised my mom still speaks to me. Ha!

Cori: Just as JStew did, I also felt kind of awful when reflecting on some of the stuff I put my mom through. For instance, this one time I "ran away" and climbed all the way up to the top of the big tree that was in our front yard. I hid there, quietly, and waited. A little while later, as my mom frantically gave my description to the gentleman from the Orono Police Department, I laughed silently to myself. I know...totally rotten thing to do. And I now feel terrible for doing it. I ended up sneaking down and breaking back into my house through the back door. When I emerged from the back of the house, I told them I had been in the back the entire time, and had just fallen asleep. Totally bogus. Such a terrible kid!

Here are a couple of our favorites that you called and wrote in about:

Wendy wrote: When I was 6 I wanted to take my 2 dogs for a walk,My dad of course was franticly looking for me.The cops found me in the bass park parking lot with my 2dogs lol. I was lost and found. Have many stories

Dennis wrote: 
Soooo...back in high school..my twin brother dan and i skipped out of school to go fishing...dan needed to cash a check for gas before we went out on the airline fishing. So we couldnt go to the Orono bank..near the school because our mom worked there. So we drove to bandor to do the check cashing...we pulled up to the drive thru and the teller turned around..."YUP"...IT WAS OUR MOM!! someone was out sick so they transferred her to bangor for the day. My brother was like..." Ahhh what are you doing here?.....she said..." The more important question is........." WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" She said...wait till your father finds out!!...so we had to tell him what we did....he said.."well..2 things boys".....i knew you didnt get sunburn from english class....and how many fish did you catch???"
And just to mix it up a bit, here are some stories from callers this morning.
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