Since Prom is kind of a hot button this year, with some schools cancelling, and others having informal ones, we wondered what your prom might've been like...

JStew: I went to a few proms in high school. I think the only one I missed was my junior year. The girlfriend I had at the time didn't seem to interested, so we didn't go. The photo from the article was from my senior year. Melanie, the girl in the photo with me, is still a good friend. She's a teacher these days. Fun fact, a few short years later, she is the person who actually introduced me to my wife. So I'll always have her to thank for that! But as far as our prom went, it was '92, in the middle of the grunge explosion. as you can see, we were kinda the class freaks. We wouldn't have had it any other way. Like most kids, we took off to Bar Harbor with friends afterwards, and caught the sunrise. Good times, actually.

JStew Prom, Jason Stewart
JStew Prom, Jason Stewart

Cori: While I never went to my own prom, I had a boyfriend who was two years ahead of me in school, so I went to his. And while I couldn't find my actual pictures from prom, this was from a Semi-formal dance we had gone to a few months before.

As for the actual was a disaster!

A few weeks before prom, I had decided to rent this really cool vintage black dress with a black feather boa (very me, at the time.) The morning of the prom, my mom decided that she didn't want me wearing that dress, and insisted that I go dress shopping to find something new. THE MORNING OF THE PROM! We went to about 3 different shops, until I tried a dress on, came out to show her and she started to cry and said that was the one. I was too irritated to both fighting her on it. We had to change everything because the dress was different, so my boyfriend's vest, tie, flowers... the whole thing. I had planned to get ready with some friends before prom, and my mom nixed that, too. Instead, she took me to a salon and made me get this up-do that I hated. It was uncomfortable and felt like a clumpy cat was sitting on my head. So I showered it out. I ended up getting ready for prom, with a pile of dripping wet hair,  in the back of my mom's minivan, on the way to my boyfriend's house in Orland. When I got there, after we took our miserable pictures (which I still can't find) he informed me he'd forgotten to make a reservation for dinner. So we ended up eating Chinese take-out in his Ford Taurus, which actually ended up being way more fun than being in a crowded fancy restaurant would have been, I'm sure. After the dance, we were supposed to go to this party at "a friend's camp." The camp ended up being a small, silver airstream camper in the middle of the woods. It was a very cold May evening, so all the girls were freezing. And the only thing this person had on hand to eat or drink was a huge case of ice-pops. As we left "camp" we were all pulled over by the cops, who had followed the caravan of 20 cars into the woods.

So most of my one promo experience was a nightmare. But looking back at it now, it was also hilarious.

Cori Prom, Cori Skall
Cori's Prom, Cori Skall
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It's always fun to share stories, but photos? And props to the folks who just wanna make fun of JStew's hair...You guys rule....

Jeff Bishop Who's the guy with the hair and glasses? Is that "JStew"?

Victoria Nickerson Got that Dimebag Darrell hair.

Scott Hanscom Wow kind of a weird Al Yankavik look . Lol

Melissa Avery Burns Matching hairstyles!

Steve Back when I was a kid, there were only Senior Proms. And as a young 16 or 17 year old guy, you wanted slow dances to last forever.

George My prom songs could have been Lonely Is The Night or Owner Of A Lonely Heart.  I didn't get a chance to go to my prom because I couldn't get a date.

John Stanton III I have I few of me lol! 1990

John Stanton III

Angela Faulkner 1985! Must have been channeling Princess Di with the hair and pearls.

Angela Faulkner

Stasia Williams Houp 1992.

Stasia Williams Houp

Jen Megquier Can you believe I never went to any prom or semi-formal. Never my thing.

Cindy Campbell Senior Prom, 1980, with my friend John. We snuck bourbon into Pilot's Grill restaurant before the prom. And after prom, we drove up Cadillac Mountain and watched the sunrise. I had a huge crush on him (but he didn't know it) and he asked me so he wouldn't have to worry about asking anyone

Cindy Campbell

Kari Jo Davis 1987 I'm in all white...

Kari Jo Davis

Dennis Bean My 5th prom...and now wife and mother of 4!!!

Dennis Bean

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