Cori: Nothing quite encompasses the full range of emotions like the joy of unwrapping a special gift that you've been given, followed by the sting of disappointment when you find out it's the just the worst gift ever.

Take, for instance, my youngest bother Dan. The Christmas he turned 18, my mother (who is a thoughtful and well-intentioned woman who will never live this down) decided that his special gift that year..."because he likes animals" (he did become a Marine Biologist, but I'm thinking this had nothing to do with that) was a Kitten Calendar.

I will never forget his look of confusion followed by disappointment, and then, ultimately laughter, when he opened that wrapping paper to find pictures of tiny cats staring back at him.

JStew: When I was in middle school, every kid my age wanted a Swatch Watch. My mother, meaning well, consulted her jeweler friend. He ultimately talked her into a watch that was likely a little more expensive and definitely a lot nicer than a Swatch. When I opened it, it felt like someone had taken a pin and popped my little balloon of happiness. And when I wore my nice watch to school, no one was impressed.

When we tossed the question out to you, you returned with some fantastic stories about some less than fantastic gifts!

Melanie Makin Coupons. Not gift certificates, but coupons for a restaurant. Like, from a newspaper insert.
Shari Giffard Keefe The worst gift we (my husband and I) ever got was a case of canned grapefruit from his grandmother. We both were gracious in receiving it but were both dumbfounded. Obviously this was thirty four years ago and no pictures were obtained for posterity. We still to this day, however laugh hysterically when we talk about it.
Melissa Avery Burns I turned 30... had a hard time with that one... and my folks bought me a.... lawnmower. Tho I appreciated not having to buy one myself (tho it wasn't a top priority at the time cuz I had one), nothing says "happy 30th single lady" like a grass cutter.
Don Morgan An old neighbor gave me a swing set. I was 16 years old!
Aisling Doucette Boot laces for Valentines Day
Jill Smith Craig Fire extinquisher
Julie Clukey Nicholas One time I was at an office Christmas party. It was a Yankee Swap. I picked this beautiful bag. All white and gold with this long glittery ribbon and bow combination. I felt certain it was going to be a perfect gift. I opened it only to find it was a combination miter saw and plastic box. I thought maybe it was a different gift and they just placed it in a box to throw me. So I HAD to open it. In front of everyone. All the while saying "Is this what's in here? This can't be what's in here" Nope! Turns out it really was just that. A miter box and saw combo. Moral of the story? Always play it safe and go for the bag that looks like it contains alcohol.
Marianne W. Mills I got a vacuum cleaner from my ex husband.
Julia Crowley One year, my Mom got presents mixed up. My brother got flower printed long johns, and I got a belt buckle that said "Glenn". My brother didn't think it was funny,lol
Roxane Esposito My husband gave me 50 one dollar lottery tickets. Not only was it annoying to have to scrape them all off but, I only won 3 dollars. Just put $50 in the darn card! He never made THAT mistake again! lololol
Lisa Jeanne Roberts I received a pooper scooper for our new puppy, for my anniversary.
Kelly Gardner My husband and I graduated college together. My MILs gift to us both was a ceramic tissue box cover
Donna Austin Modery My mother in law bought us a case of green beans for Christmas one year. What the hell!


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