Like everyone else in Maine I have the tick willies worse than ever this summer. But according to some data originally found by some high school students you dryer is your best weapon.

So you know you've been in tall grass and or damp areas where ticks like to live, breed and waits for a host. Common Health says the trick is to dry your clothes before you wash them. Turns out that although a tick can make it through warm water they can't survive dryness.

Other things to take into account is that gas dryers are hotter than electric so they recommend 5 minutes for gas and 15 for electric.

It is also unwise to put clothes that could be infested by ticks in a hamper or on the floor lest the next guy  or gal picks one up.

And although deer ticks are easier to kill with heat than dog ticks both can live through just washing. So dry first and then wash.

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