This is a woman's sad and brave story that starts with the deaths of her boyfriend and brother to overdoses.

That is when Jessie Grieb, an addict herself realized something had to be done or they will have died in vain. That is when she strapped on her sneakers and began the trek she is calling the East Coast Overdose Awareness Walk. She started out in Fort Kent Maine on July 23rd of 2018 and for the last 10 months she has covered about 15 to 20 miles a day in which time Jessie reminds us that during that for every mile she walks two people will have lost their lives to an overdose. Since starting her journey Jessie has stayed away from drugs and hopes her passion for this cause and the reality of the price it takes from families can help others gain their lives back. On the journey with her dog Takodah is her constant companion and has been with her since she adopted him in South Carolina. To date the pair is on schedule to reach Key West on June 14th.

They are almost there, so let's keep Jessie and Takodah in our prayers for a safe arrival and a long and drug free life ahead.

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