It's quickly turning into a trend.

Today, three music venues in the Portland area announced that in order to be admitted and see a show there one must either be vaccinated for COVID-19 or present a negative test result.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the new requirement will immediately be in effect at both the State Theatre and Thompson’s Point in Portland.  The new rule will take effect on August 26th at the Portland House of Music.

Back on August 6th, Live Nation, the biggest concert promoter in the world, issued a "best practices" directive for the venues that it owns and for those events that it promotes in venues that it does not own.

Beginning October 4th all Live Nation venues will require proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test in order to gain entry, and all of the company's employees here in the United States must be vaccinated, according to

For venues that the company does not own, they'll leave the decisions up to the performing artists and their teams.

So, will the new requirements eventually take place here in Bangor?  We contacted Waterfront Concerts and Alex Gray got back to us.

Mr. Gray told us, "We are not Live Nation, but we do work with them and other large promoters.  The current collaboration in the industry is unprecedented.  We are all talking more than ever.  We continue to monitor the guidance from the Federal and State CDC on outdoor and indoor events as well as work with artists to meet their needs.  Right now, our sole focus is outdoor guidance since we do not have an indoor show until early September.  We did reach out to the Maine CDC to see if they had interest in placing the mobile vax unit in the venue during Kiss (August 19th) and Thomas Rhett (August 20th) but have not yet heard back as of just a bit ago.

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