As we mentioned in an earlier article, folks in Bar Harbor were readying for a large delivery today, one that spanned more than 160 feet long. A new MRI unit, set to make its home at the MDI Hospital, was on its way from Kittery to Bar Harbor.

Authorities in Bar Harbor had cleared as much of a path as they could through lower Main Street, in the middle of tourist season. They had even relocated some of the RV's in a nearby parking lot to a neighboring baseball field, in anticipation of the big building's arrival.

Many thought the escort, which Bar Harbor Police Captain David Kerns says has been traveling to Maine since before the 4th of July, would have likely had a tricky time negotiating the narrow streets of MDI.

But the challenge ended up coming by way of Maine's tallest bridge; The Penobscot Narrows. That's where the big building met its match.

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Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson Shannon Moss, said the 10-axle low-bed that was carrying the building, which was quite low to the ground, became stuck along the bridge around 4 PM Wednesday.
Understandably with something that large blocking the way, traffic around the area was slowed down and rerouted. It would be several hours before the transport would be cleared up, and traffic could resume along the bridge.
Moss said the big building was brought to a DOT turnout along the Bucksport Road in Ellsworth, Wednesday evening, where it will wait to resume its trip to Bar Harbor Thursday morning.

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