For today's TBT, we wanted to know, what movie or movies, traumatized you as a kid. Were they just plain strange? Scary? Does a fluffy animal die in it?

JStew: This topic spoke to me almost immediately. Whenever a conversation like this comes up, there's two movies that always come to mind. When I was 5, my older cousins were up visiting from Connecticut. They, and my sister, wanted to go see Amityville Horror at the old Brewer Cinemas. It was the summer of '79 and my mom decided we were all going as a family. So here I am, 5 years old, watching houses trying to kill priests, blood running down the walls, etc.... No wonder I'm so messed up, haha. Then of course, not even 4 months later.... I saw the OG Salem's lot movie on TV. I saw the whole scene with the younger Glick brother floating in the air and scratching on the window... Goooood times. Anyone know a decent therapist?!

Cori: As an adult, I'm still not a fan of horror movies. Never have been. And to my mom's credit, she never really allowed us to watch them at my house when I was little. This decision was validated one late night when I was about 9, and my family had been visiting with neighbors. Somehow, we had locked ourselves out of the apartment next door and had planned to walk around to the back to see if there was a window unlocked. I popped into the bathroom, and in that short period of time that I was in there, everyone decided to venture outside. The TV had been left on, and my neighbors had HBO. A commercial for "Child's Play" came on. A COMMERCIAL...not even the actual movie! And I was messed up for YEARS! My parents had to ask Skip's Video in Orono to remove the poster of Chucky from the window because I refused to walk to school, past the store, while it was up. For some reason, I was convinced I was his next target (I was still little, mind you) so that terror was totally real. Believe it or not, Rugrats helped. When their character, Chucky, came out, it somehow took the edge off of that terror, and I was able to move on. I still hate all dolls, but who could blame me?

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Huh. No one picked Bambi? Anyhow... these are the movies that made us cry for all the wrong reasons as kids......

Dale Leblanc The birds

Alicia Libby Sybil!!!!

Graham Garber Arachniphobia and I have hated spiders ever since.

Kellie Buzzell Thinner, "the curse of the white man from town" . I thought it was legit

Peter Drummond Jaws and The Exorcist

David Shorey Texas chainsaw massacre

Bob Hatch Dracula

Hilton Langille Jaws!

Doug Springer Blazing Saddles. But in a good way.

Betsy Goodwin It. Freaking hate clowns now

Lynn Hatch Sension Jaws, hands down. Still can't go in the ocean.

Melanie Makin Return to Oz. That poor kid, getting creepy electroshock therapy on a giant scary machine in a thunderstorm!

Kari Jo Davis I like horror movies... mostly, but, children of the corn, thaaaat was freaky.

Dana Cram Children of the Corn.. ugh sleepover at Nanna's big house,. Up stairs bedroom was dark as heck.. looking back, it is "corny", but back then thatwas Satan stuff!! lmao

Cheryl McManus Magic
Terri Turcotte Amityville Horror...
Kelly Mahar Ghostbusters
Brent Springer Salem's Lot
Wayne Mitchell Jaws!
Victoria Nickerson The Howling.
Wendy Clewley Poltergeist
Ethan Daniel Veazie I watched the mummy the one with Brendan Fraser when i was like 7 and for some reason that scene where they mummified all the priests alive got to me ironically enough though it's one of my all time favorite movie series now
James Naaykens Jr Children of the corn
Richard Quinn American Werewolf in London. The movies were still downtown. We also went camping 3 days later. I was 7. I’ll let you figure the rest out.
Debbie Rolfe Umel Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
Sandra Lyn I hate saying this now but I was scared to watch "Labyrinth" again until a year ago. I saw it at probably 7yrs old and it scared the poop outta me. I was 43 before I could even TRY to watch it again. P.S. GREAT MOVIE!!
Kathleen Darcy Pelkey Children of the Corn, Trilogy of Terror..
Bobbie Lindsey As a kid as young as 5 I watched movies like Salems lot and Friday the 13th and King Kong. Sure they scared me but it was Old Yeller that traumatized me most.
Caller from when I took Driver's Ed, it was a movie they showed us called "Mechanized Death"
Steve When I was a kid, my mom took me to see a Vincent Price movie at the drive-in. But the movie that scared me the most was "The Exorcist."

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