It's time for "What's This Wednesday" again, and our clue is up for debate. Did you figure out what it is?

What's This Wednesday Clue, Liz Leavitt
What's This Wednesday Clue, Liz Leavitt

JStew: This one wasn't too bad for me this week. But that's because Cori already sent it to me a couple weeks ago. So all I had to do today was actually remember what it was. Which made it only slightly easier. I still sat there for about ten minutes before the light went off. But I also got up at 2:30am as well. So my brain never really fires on all pistons. It just kind of sputters and chokes and coughs like an engine with no oil, hahaha.

Cori: This was one of those situations where I just thought the shot looked cool. To me, it could have been any number of neat things. What it actually was was apparently way more recognizable than I thought it would be, but that tends be the case with these things. Still...this is one of those pictures that you can almost hear...that point just before the sizzle starts to get loud. Yup, you guessed it: it's oil on a pan!

What's This Wednesday Answer, Liz Leavitt
What's This Wednesday Answer, Liz Leavitt

Your answers never disappoint. Let's check them out!

Kelly Mahar Oil on a grill type thingy?

Bob Hatch BBQ sauce on some type of grill? Also a wash board seems reasonable.

Greg Miller Wash board

Dennis Bean Looks like a melted substance on an old hot water heater!!! Reminds me as kids we would lay crayons on them and watch em melt!! Then they invented electronics!!!THE END

Carol Ann Fish McKechnie some sort of refrigeration unit and it is leaking its goodies

Rick Thibodeau Grease on a grill pan

Leigh Rogers motor oil

Rebecca Utterback Meat juice on a George Foreman

Sally Thompson Griddle

Mary Klein Drouin Oil, oil pan?????

Mary Sapiel Drippings on an indoor grill

Melissa Williamson Murphy The drip pan in an oven

Darren L Robinson Looks like a cast-iron radiator

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