Cori: So that last couple of weeks have been tricky, with very few, if any correct guesses to our What's This Wednesday clues. So this week, we figured we'd aim for something a little less obscure. Of course, as always, the criteria for these pics are that they're items we have in our studio. Some of the photos are taken from unusual angles--like that spray bottle nozzle from a few weeks ago that everyone thought was a button or knob. Or in some cases they're really tight close-ups of ordinarily recognizable things.

JStew: this week was one of those pics that was deceptively hard. Sure, a lot of people got it, but it was just funky enough to make one question whether they're right or not. Honestly, my first guess was wrong. I thought it was the handle to a spoon. Ha, nope! It's about the last thing on Earth I'd ever even want near my mouth for that matter, considering it's proximity to grosser body parts. What did you think it was?

Very good guesses this morning:

Neal Heinrich Can opener

Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick Hole punch?

Mary Klein Drouin Ball and hitch

Jeremy Lübkemann Looks like a coat hook

A couple of you had the same idea...

Sue Simard-Poliquin Camera on your phone

Don Holbrook Camera on back of a cell phone

Rick Irvin Drop of water from a faucet

Rebecca Utterback Underside of a faucet?

Anna Rae Dumond Door knob with a do not disturb sign hanging on it.

Felicia Saucier Door knob or a tow hitch

Trent Gary Pinball Flipper

Overall, there was no fooling a majority of you. You "nailed" it right from the get-go!

What's This Wednesday Answer 7-8-2020 Cori Skall
What's This Wednesday Answer 7-8-2020 Cori Skall

Carl A. Witham Nail clippers?

Cody Fish Nail clippers

Nancy Neu Nail clippers

Jenn Moore Fingernail clippers

Bethany Tompkins Bottom of a stapler? Or nail clippers?

Sandra Lyn I was thinking nail clippers too? Maybe..


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