Cori: Like many, I was thrown off by the Monday holiday, and lost all track of where I was in the week. Half way through Tuesday, I realized I hadn't put out our weekly "What's This Wednesday" clue post--and I started to panic a little. Feverishly looking around for something to snap a picture of as I was sitting outside, in my front yard, at the picnic table. What was something I could capture in an interesting way? And then it came to me. Once I saw it, I shared with JStew. When he didn't get it on the first try, I knew we had something good!

JStew: As usual, I was pretty hard up for guesses after I said that it was an iron. So Cori maintains her reign as the queen of W.T.W. photos. I had a good run at the beginning, but I've been in a slump ever since. Though, like most things with us, it's not really a contest. It's just for the applesauce of it. But your guesses ruled! Here are some of your guesses from this morning:

Mary Ross Phone case
Delcina Gomm Speaker?
Robin Winchester Reed Laundry hamper
Sue Simard-Poliquin microphone
Daniel Bean seat cushion ??
Nancy Neu speaker
Some of you thought it looked like earphones or earbuds...
Heather Sudik Pad on Earphones?
Karen Lavoie Leonhardt Earbuds
Quite a few of you thought it might be an iron!
Sandra Lyn Iron
Helen Hincks-Knowlton Iron
Rob Irwin I agree with the person below me... Looks like an iron.
Victoria Remian Bottom of an iron
Our favorite guesses of the morning were really outside of the box!
Chris Sockalexis Sports Cup ? .. (You know .. To protect the kibble and bits)
Andrew Smith Water shoe
So, you wanna know the answer?
It's a walkie-talkie! They were a present for my daughter's 7th birthday, and we use them all the time around my house. The kids have to have one if they go anywhere out of my sight!
Cori Skall
Cori Skall
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