We've been playing this game, every week, since JStew and I started the show together 5 months ago. Each week we are so impressed with the guesses, but more so the imaginations of all who answer. Some of you are spot on all of the time. Some of you come up with the most out-of-left-field answers. It's something we look forward to each week.

This week, with JStew on vacation, I was trying to think of what I was going to use as a clue. We usually bounce ideas off each other, and the last time he was out, my kids helped me pick and it was a wicked stumper! And as I took a break yesterday afternoon, a listener named Sue emailed and asked if a picture she took would be worthy of a What's This Wednesday clue? She sent the shot, and I thought it was great! (By the way, if you ever want to share a potential clue, feel free to message us with it at our I95rocks facebook page, or through our App Messenger.)

So here is Sue's "What's This Wednesday" Clue:

Sue Clue Close

Right out of the gate, we had both the most obvious of answers, and the most creative of answers. Both made me laugh!

Bob Hatch A blurry picture of something.
Scott Tucker This was taken with the same camera that captured Bigfoot.
Robert Kaye Mystery seed from China?
There were some answers that would have fit the picture, but weren't quite right:
Mary Ross A grain of rice
Alton Morrill A spill or a pillow
But many of you recognized it right off the bat.
Theresa Wilson Lily petal
Chelsea Lyn Rancourt Flower petal
Sally Thompson Flower petal
Robin Winchester Reed Daisy petal
It was, indeed, a Lily petal (also acceptable, flower petal) . Sue said her dog had dug it up.
This is what it looked like when she sent it to me yesterday:
Sue Clue Bud
And this is what it looked like this morning, after the show!
Sue Anser
Pretty cool, right?!
Thanks for Sue for her clue submission, and to you for always giving great guesses.
Until next week...
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