Most of the time I come up with something that's kind of tricky, but inevitably some smarty pants out there knows exactly what the clue is and guesses it. This time...not so much!

Each Wednesday for the past 10 months, JStew & I have take pictures of random things we come across, and present them to you as clues. And every week, we are always at the very least amused, but usually impresses at how folks are able to guess what the objects are.

But this week I think I picked a Super Stumper! Because no one got it. Not.One.Single.Person.

And we only had two brave souls offer up ideas for what this might be!

Justin Choiniere Piece of round stock, where a jack is mounted say, for a boat trailer
Stephanie Joy Beals Dimmer switch in a car
Both were great guesses, but no where near what the actual answer was.
So let me set the stage for how I found this thing.
It was the first day of the New Year, and the kids and I had just watched the Sunrise in Surry. They wanted to go play somewhere, so we drove to a playground in nearby Blue Hill, and I came across this....
Cori Skall

My son is actually the one who brought it to my attention, lamenting that it didn't actually work any more, but that it was pretty cool. When I went over to investigate this little piece of history, I looked inside and saw this:

Cori Skall

When I leaned in a little closer, to really investigate, that's when I got the idea to share with you what I was honing in on:

Cori Skall

Neat, huh? So there you go. A Super-stumper, but still pretty cool!

I promise to go easier on you next week!

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