It's time once again to look at a really odd picture, and see if you can tell us what it is. If you didn't get it right, no worries! Here's the big reveal!!

JStew: I must be really bad at this, because Cori always hates my photos. But then, how can I complain when I can't ever guess her photos? It's a double edged sword, but I'm always willing to play along. This week was no exception. I had no idea what this was when it showed up, and kind of chuckled at how obvious it was at the same time.

Cori: It's not that I think JStew is bad at this at all. I just know that the majority of his clues are going to be something drum related--which there's nothing wrong with. But I wanted to see if we could have some fun with this weeks. When I snapped the shot and sent it to him, he had absolutely no idea...which is exactly what I wanted! Another stumper!


Take a peek for yourself....


And of course, we'll share your guesses too, because we'd be jerks if we didn't!

The guesses started off way out in left field:

Cheryl McManus Umbrella from a cocktail.
Marianne W. Mills Christmas ornament?
Theresa Wilson A pussy willow.
Lance Johnson A Ski ⛷️
Then we gave out a clue over the air. Cori mentioned that she had taken some time off last week for a particular reason (to celebrate her youngest's 5th birthday, if you remember) and that the photo might have something to do with that. The guesses got a little more specific, and way more in the ball park of what it actually was.
George The Trucker A cupcake holder
Melinda Davis Cupcake wrapper
Janine Hastey Cake knife
Bethany Tompkins A birthday card!
Kari Jo Davis Candyland game?
Bethany Tompkins A present? With a ribbon?
Grandpa Bob Party Favor
They were close, but no cigar. The answer this week:
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