We've all been there... and wished we weren't. But the topic for the morning show today was, tell us the worst place you've been stuck for an extended period of time?

JStew: Man, I feel like sometimes I've had way more than my fair share of being stuck places. I'm also wildly impatient. So if I sit too long anywhere, even at home, I start to get antsy after a while. Which is ironic, because I'm a pretty big introvert. It's not like I wanna really go anywhere, I just get stir crazy. But... the DMV always comes to mind. Pretty much every kitchen job I ever had, each day felt like an eternity. Teeth filled, you name it. I hate it all, hahahaha. But the worst of all.... Sitting in traffic, going nowhere. That's it's own private hell for just about anybody.

Cori: When I was in middle school, I went to my friend Gail's birthday party. On the wall of her den was an antique pair of handcuffs. The story was that Gail's grandpa had been a master locksmith and had made them for Harry Houdini. Naturally, being curious 12-year-olds, someone had the bright idea to take them down off the wall and try them on me. I can tell you in hindsight, that was NOT a bright idea. We went right to her folks and told them what we had done, apologetically, and to their credit, her folks were very gracious and kind about me being cuffed to a family heirloom. First, we tried dawn dish soap. Then butter. Then lotion. Nothing seemed to work. It was late in the evening on a Saturday. The only lock-smith in town who would come to help showed up drunk. But I honestly think that played in his favor. Somehow, because he lacked a full understanding of just how tricky these cuffs were supposed to be to get off of someone, he managed to hit some sort of release and I was free! It only took 6 hours.

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Man... Anyone could identify with just about any of these at one point or other. Let's check out the answers.

Some said getting stuck at a certain age was the worst...

Julia Crowley School, 13 whole years of it,lol

Chris Brown Adulthood

Some said airports are not fun...

Bob Hatch Logan Airport. What a s%#t show! or Newark. Just a bad pronunciation of New York. You can't tell when one ends and the other begins. A wise man once said, "If God was going to give the world an enema, that's where he'd put the tube."

Scott Jackson Hartford airport when Bangor was snowed in. Ended up riding a bus back to Bangor the next day.

Rick Thibodeau LaGuardia Airport. Had to spend the night in the closed terminal. Slept on the floor.

Scott Hanscom Newark airport, the wife and myself stuck there because of snow . Trust me Newark new Jersey ain't any prettier in the snow

Some said their job was the worst...

Shawnna Farley Work?

Greg Miller Work

Some said the hospital is not a fun place to be...

Cathy Prescott Hospital

Rachael Larrabee Hospital

James Wright Hospital

Victoria Nickerson Hospital. No contest.

It seems there are a number of places or situations that folks think were just the worst...

Doug Springer New Jersey. 22 years.

Dana Cram PCJ, lol

Richard Pooler jail

Cheryl McManus An abusive marriage

Donnie Sawyer Japan, during a typhoon playing baseball for Hudson College.

Thomas Graban At the in law's house during the ice storm 10 long days I'll never forget that lol

Angel Kinney Home

Brad Rice Car accident down South. Sat for 4 hours. Multi car.

Mary Klein Drouin DMV

Sandra Lyn On top of a Ferris Wheel when I was a kiddo

Grampa Bob I got stuck at the top of a mast on the Mary J Landry out of Plymouth, MA. I was up there painting with bright yellow paint, when the pullies to lower me up and down stopped working. So I was up there, in the high winds and stuff, and paint was going everywhere. It ended up splattering all over my car's brand new paint job.

Snowman Question to your answer about getting stuck for a long periods of time I did out on Swan’s island for 3 1/2 hours cause I missed the boat

Kari Jo Davis I'll preface by saying if you've ever had a giant bucket of water poured over your head, you might identify. I was stuck on Bluto's bilge rat ride, which is a water raft in universal studios island's off adventure For 7 mins water poured over me

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