Wow, how often do you get to offer up grub to one of the best known chefs in the world?  Not very.

Big Cat's Catering & Bartending in Trenton posted photos of superstar chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay today who was obviously in town for some unknown reason. Yes, we don't know exactly why he was at Big Cat's or in Maine for that matter but we find it very cool nonetheless.

The world renowned television personality with the fiery wit, knack for extreme bluntness and a temper that would scare a snarling canine away, is known for shows like Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell.  The man knows his food, and will freely tell one so.

We can understand why anyone would be nervous cooking for such a well-known celebrity who just so happens to be maybe the world's biggest food critic, so the Facebook post author's self proclaimed nervousness is fully understandable.

But Big Cat's Catering has a reputation in eastern Maine for doing things right and we're sure that they surpassed Mr. Ramsay's expectations with whatever was cooked up for he and his production team.

So the question is now, "What was Mr. Ramsay and his team apparently doing in Downeast Maine?"  Are they touring local lobster shacks and restaurants and soon to be offering up Mr. Ramsay's critique to a national audience?  Only time will tell.

We're just happy that all is well in Trenton, Maine, U.S.A. and that Mr. Ramsay apparently left Big Cat's Catering all in one piece.

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