This is where we have to become great detectives, because there isn't a whole lot to go on.


Okay slueths! Let's get this ring back on Paul's finger! Here's what the Facebook post says of the person who found the ring, Jane Anderson:

FOUND! In Kittery, Maine. White gold men's wedding band with the engraving: TO PAUL LOVE PATTY 10-8-83. Please share so this ring can find its home! Its owner should message the Maine State Visitor Information Center in Kittery.


Jane Anderson Facebook
Jane Anderson Facebook

Paul!!!  I'm sure your first dance was to The Police, 'Every Breath You Take' as you had Cabbage Patch dolls as wedding gifts. Your college buddies were getting toasty on Slippery Nipples and getting a little loud talking about how tubular and radical 'Scarface' was!

Patty probably spent hours getting her hair higher than the cake and a shoulder padded wedding dress that she looked bodacious in!

Paul, or anyone who knows Paul, please, please, please contact the Maine State Visitor Information Center in Kittery. I called and it still has not been claimed!



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