A Travel Channel show took at look at dashcam video of what looks like a strange shadow creature. According to experts, Maine could be home to a supernatural beast.

A Maine mystery got some TV time last week. The Travel Channel show, Paranormal Caught on Camera, featured the bewildering dashcam video shot in the Falmouth area last July. The new episode, titled "Banff Bigfoot and More," aired last Friday. The season 3, episode 20, synopsis describes the featured video as "A Maine man crosses paths with a terrifying shadow figure while driving down a dark road late at night." 

The show taps paranormal experts to analyze submitted footage in hopes of unraveling the mystery behind the evidence. While one expert believes the shadow could be the spirit of an animal that died on the road, others believe it could be something more sinister.

Show folklorist, Lynne McNeil, said the video could be evidence of a supernatural beast known as a Hellhound. The doglike creature in many cultures is commonly seen as an omen of death. Mythology suggests if you see a Hellhound, you'll die within the next year. The beast manifests usually at night, around a wooded area.

Hell Hound Running
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The footage was originally shared by Bangor based paranormal group, 207 Paranormal. Comments suggesting the dark shadow could be a bear, fisher cat, big cat, dog, low flying bat, or perhaps, a ghost deer.

According to the Facebook post, "The witness was reviewing dashcam footage to see if he had captured video of a deer that had run in front of him earlier." The video was released back in September.

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