To award or not to award.  What would you have done?

Early Monday, it was announced by the UCLA Student Alumni Association that singer-songwriter and Maine resident Don McLean would receive the 2019 George and Ira Gershwin Award for Lifetime Musical Achievement for his accomplishments and songs like American Pie and Castles In the Air and Vincent.

Hours later, the Association rescinded the award offering after they were informed about McLean's 2016 arrest and guilty plea for domestic violence here in Maine. The victim of that violence was McLean's now former wife of 30 years.

Past recipients of the award include Ray Charles, Julie Andrews and Ella Fitzgerald, according to the Associated Press.

One has to wonder why this particular association didn't conduct some sort of a background check.

Let's face it, most rock performers certainly are not as pure as the driven snow, and awards are handed out left and right. But really, it was domestic VIOLENCE.


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