They always say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Honestly, I'm banking on it. I have to continue to live in a world where my wife is super into chubby nerds who talk too much. Otherwise, I'm absolutely screwed. I think they call it imposter syndrome. Every single day, I feel like I'm about to be on an episode of Punk'd and my wife is totally in on the joke. But enough about my near-psychotic insecurities, haha.

Here in the Bangor area, we are blessed with likely the most handsome statute that ever was... Mr. Paul Bunyan. I mean, we've even floated the idea that he is the mythical father of Jason Mamoa. Side by side, it's hard to tell them apart, amirite?! So we can't complain about our uber-brawny lumberjack statue.

Imagine having to be home to the ugliest statue in Maine.

I love Augusta. I went to college there, some of my oldest friends live in the area, and it's a sweet little Maine town. But they are also holding onto a dark secret... Augusta is home to what is considered to be the ugliest statue in Maine, according to some kind of "accurate" poll at

Google Street View
Google Street View

I'm sure the most scientific methods were used to determine that "Tony", who lives behind a fence outside of a building on Riverside Drive in Augusta, says Tony just stares at the road all day, with hands curled up that look like he once held tools or something.

His paint job is pretty faded, but he's there every day, behind that barbed wire fence, judging you as you drive by. I may not agree that he's the ugliest statue in Maine, but certainly is the judg-iest. Probably all you need to do if you're ever feeling really good about yourself is to drive by Tony and give him a wave. You'll feel thoroughly humbled in no time, hahaha.

Valentine's Day isn't so far away. What if old Paul gets lonely?

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