You can laugh at me all you want. But, it's 2020 and I will literally believe just about anything at this point. When you weigh the concept against snow in the second week of May, murder hornets, and a worldwide pandemic, almost anything seems at least plausible. Does the concept of a mythical Maine folk hero being the father of a living Hawaiian viking really seem that far-fetched?

I was riding down Main Street in Bangor the other day with my wife, and since I wasn't driving, for some reason I took a good long gander at old Paul. I even joked to my wife as we drove by that, I hadn't noticed til right then, how much Paul Bunyan and Jason Mamoa looked alike. We had a good laugh. And then I thought, wait a minute....

TSM Bangor/Rich Fury Getty Iamges
TSM Bangor/Rich Fury Getty Iamges

Why not? It would seem on some level, people hold Jason Mamoa to this almost mythical standard. Between Aquaman, and his character Declan Harp on Frontier, he's been this literally larger than life persona. I mean, I've seen photos of his "bodyguards" online, that are half a foot shorter, and nowhere near as buff. So, who's guarding who?

Then of course, Paul Bunyan is no slouch in his own right. He merely carved the Grand Canyon dragging his tools, he was 47 ax handles tall and had a giant blue ox that cried rivers. In more ways than one, you can pretty much label Paul Bunyan as the OG Jason Mamoa. I imagine back in the day, Paul was quite the ladies' man too.

Look, there's really no debating this point. Just look at the photos. They don't lie. A couple hundred years ago, Paul's flannel work jacket was just as pimp as that purple body rug Jason Mamoa is wearing. Both of them, for their respective time period, represent the height of folk-hero fashion.

Face it... 2020 did this to us. Any other year, and we never would've uncovered this obvious truth. Sure, soon enough we'll find out that Paul's peavey handle is actually a 5G antenna to contact the Reptilian Alien Invaders from Zaxon, but I guarantee finding out Paul Buyan is the unknown father of Jason Mamoa won't be the weirdest thing you hear about in 2020.

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