The grass is green and the sun is hot. Too hot really for any kid and their parents to play within the playground area of the park.  As a matter of fact, it was only 3 in the afternoon and the slides and swings were entirely deserted.

But the splash pad area was alive, as kids and some of their parents frolicked underneath the sprouting water.  Kids were laughing and jumping around enjoying the summer heat almost three weeks before summer officially kicks in.  They didn't care what the calendar said, the water was refreshing and fun.

Further into the park a father and his son played on the new senior fitness equipment that was just recently installed.  The area wasn't officially open yet, but the yellow "Do Not Cross" tape was laying on the ground and the exercise equipment's call was just too much to bear for the two family members to ignore.

Soon, older folks will exercise at Knowlton Park to increase their mobility, and to just interact with others just like themselves.  It'll be really nice.  I look forward to playing chess or checkers there, someday.

As you're probably aware, June is Pride Month, a month dedicated to those LGBTQ+, and different organizations, individuals and businesses in Ellsworth have creatively produced Pride Fest which consists of various handmade displays at Knowlton Park.  Kudos to everyone that had anything to do with it.  A job well done, and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.  See it in person at some point.

Years ago when the Knowlton School was being torn down there were dreamers. Those that dreamed of days like today, within Knowlton Park in Ellsworth, Maine.

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