I really do love flea markets.

My wife may disagree that I said that because whenever she wants to stop at one, I'm hardly ever in the mood for shopping. But occasionally, I go through periods of not being able to get enough of them. I become slightly obsessed with finding great deals, and then politely haggling over them with the vendor. It's a Maine tradition.

So you can imagine I was pretty psyched to hear about an event that checks off all the boxes. Being the quintessential Gen X-er, it was cool to see that this Saturday will be the kickoff of the Bangor Vintage Market, taking place in Norumbega Park from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm, according to WABI.

Caution: You may feel a bit old and dated looking at the stuff

The Vintage Market is mostly going to feature clothing and stuff for around the house, all from the '80s & '90s. I imagine there will be cool t-shirts, probably some acid-washed jeans... which are making a disturbing comeback in too many ways. You know you're old when you see your millennial co-worker wearing acid-washed jeans.

The point of the whole thing, according to Chris Bryant runs White Lobster Vintage in Bangor, is that stuff from back then is not only cool again, it was better made than most things are now. And, it's great for the environment. He said this to WABI:

Vintage is where it’s at. It’s definitely a trend we’re starting to see pick up. The great thing about it is it’s unique. A lot of these shirts you can’t find even if you wanted to purchase them online. The average American throws away around 81 pounds of clothing a year, so the idea that we can reuse and recycle clothes that are cool and unique makes it a pretty special thing.

Maybe I'll see you there this Saturday. Or maybe I'll be wearing dark sunglasses so no one can see me buy the Ninja Turtle lunchbox or the Spin Doctors t-shirt. Who knows?

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