Now we've always tracked Santa's journey with NORAD  but last year Google threw an impressive hat into the ring for the kids including games so why choose.  We have put in links to both for your fun and Holiday Ho, Ho Ho.

NORAD's tracking system has data on Santa's elevation, photos of his journey, weather, and Wikipedia information on his various stops. And there's games, music, movies and a look at NORAD headquarters as well with all sorts of background information.
FYI:    NORAD began tracking Santa when a misprint in a 1955 department store ad led a child to call the agency for information on Santa's latest stop. The NORAD employee who took the call made sure to answer, and the agency has maintained the tradition ever since.
Google's "Santa tracker" includes games and personalized calls from Saint Nick to children. You can also explore Santa’s village while Santa gets ready for his journey.

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